Drone Inspections

Using our high-tech drones, Livlans Renovations is able to safely and cost-effectively carry out previously difficult and dangerous inspections. We are able to remotely inspect a range of hard-to-reach areas and settings, including roofs, tall chimneys, spires and towers, and industrial equipment. Our remotely piloted drones will provide detailed, high-resolution images, thermographic images, and high definition video of places that would be otherwise dangerous to reach. The drone inspections we carry out are faster and safer than conventional methods and allow us to remove the need for scaffolding and cherry pickers. This means we are able to reduce costs and remove the need to work from height, allowing us to comply with various health and safety requirements while providing you with the ability to assess the components of your industrial property up close.

Roof and Building Inspections

We offer a drone inspection service for roofing structures and whole buildings, regardless of the building type, that would otherwise be hard or unsafe to be inspected by conventional means. Our professional inspectors will ensure that we supply you with high-resolution photographs and video from all the necessary angles of your building to ensure the efficient processing of information. Following our inspections, we are also able to carry out any remedial work on any damage we find in your roofs or roof structures. Our drone inspection services also allow us to comply with a vast number of health and safety regulations, ensuring you get the best views of your building safely.

Industrial Inspections

The drone inspection techniques we offer includes internal and external inspections of the structural components of your building, including the high, live, or difficult to reach structures and areas. The experienced drone inspection team at Livlans Renovations is able to survey internal power stations, boilers, furnaces, dams, solar panels, and substations quickly and efficiently, causing minimal disruption of your site. We provide you with high-quality videos and images from an extensive range of angles and positions along a flight path predetermined by you.

Cut Costs

Regular, live asset inspection allows anomalies to be monitored and taken offline only when safe operation is compromised. Deploy access teams directly to anomalies.

Reduce Risk

More frequent inspections allow anomalies to be detected early and not allowed to degrade until failure. Teams are only required to work at height for repairs.

Save Time

Faster than traditional methods, live asset inspection operates in short weather windows. Repairs during shutdown and not inspection due to reduced shutdown time.

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